I wish you were here for Clarinet, Violin, and Piano Trio

Completed:  2020

Duration:  9 min

Premiere Date:  N/A

for the Oasi Trio - their site

Movements:  I. In Memoriam


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Perusal Score:


Missoula | HQCasey Thomas


Program Notes:

   I. In Memoriam Riley Howell


This movement was written in the memory of Riley Howell, a student who was killed in a shooting that took place at UNC Charlotte in April of 2019. He was killed while heroically charging and disarming the shooter. Riley no doubt saved many lives that day. He gave his own life so that others would live. So, I wrote this music in an attempt to do all that I can to keep Riley’s name and memory alive. Over the last year, I have watched closely to the aftermath of this tragedy. Riley and the other victim of this tragedy, Ellis ‘Reed’ Parlier, have been honored and celebrated by their families and the communities that surrounded them in their lifetime. 


I would like to respectively dedicate this music to Riley Howell, Reed Parlier, both of their families, the four others who were injured, and to the community surrounding the University of North Carolina Charlotte. 


Rest in Peace, 

Riley Howell and Reed Parlier



Here is a short list in no particular order of those who I thought of while writing this music.


Chester Bennington

Chris Cornell

David Maslanka

Austin Davis

Brooke Blalock

Skylar Carpenter

Jarad Higgins - aka “Juice Wrld”

Riley Howell

Ellis ‘Reed’ Parlier

(There are just a couple more that I chose not to list)


For this concert, we were tasked to write along with the theme of “traveling”. And, I took this idea on from more of a philosophical perspective. While writing this music, I was thinking of those who I wish could physically be here but can not. But, from my perspective, these important few will be ringing in the room along with the music. That is what has given this music purpose for me: the act of continuing the memory of the important people in our life who have passed away.