Internal Enemies for Wind Ensemble

Completed:  2019

Grade Level:  4

Duration:  6 minutes

Premiere Date:  May 3rd, 2019

Sheet Music:

11 x 17 Score and Parts - $40

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Perusal Score:


Internal Enemies (CSUSM)Casey Thomas

California State University San Marcos Wind Ensemble, Eric Weirather conducting

World Premiere, live recording

Program Notes: 

Introspection is the key to Casey Thomas’s dramatic and unfolding piece. The composer’s personal battles with anxiety are explored, transforming from a pondering ballad for flute and bassoon to moments of climactic fury in the entire ensemble. Tension leads to resolve. Song leads to chaos. Violence leads to sadness. Life keeps moving forward. Such is the way of things when dealing with these Internal Enemies.


                                                                            - program note by Josh Trentadue