Mellifluous for Wind Ensemble

Completed:  2015

Grade Level:  2.5

Duration:  4 min

Premiere Date:  April 10th, 2015 by the Rancho Buena Vista HS Wind Ensemble conducted by Eric Weirather

Sheet Music:  Score and Parts - Free

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Program Notes:

"Mellifluous, defined as sweetly sounding and pleasant to the ear, was composed in the fall of 2014. This piece was inspired by the very personal and universal emotion of love for somebody who is very special to me. I hope you all can feel some of this inspiration as you listen. "

- Casey, 2015

"I wrote this piece at age 17 as I was beginning my study of Wind Ensemble music. This score is as it was in 2015. I decided instead of going back to edit it, I would leave it as it was and focus forward. I take pride in this being my first piece ever played and I feel it demonstrates the growth I have had as a composer since 2015. Enjoy!"

- Casey, 2018