Missoula for Saxophone Quartet

Completed:  2018

Duration:  9 min

Premiere Date:  October 14th, 2017

by the Zenith Sax Quartet - their site

Movements:  1. July 3rd, 2017

                        2. September 3rd, 2017

                        3. May 7th, 2014

                        4. Moving Forward

Sheet Music:  Score and Parts available through JW Pepper

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Missoula | HQCasey Thomas

Zenith Saxophone Quartet

Recorded by Jamie Fiste of CMU

- Jamie's SoundCloud

MissoulaCasey Thomas

Zenith Saxophone Quartet

World Premiere

          In September of 2017, I, along with 5 friends, traveled to Missoula, Montana for David and Alison Maslanka’s memorial service. This music is somewhat of a “recount” of my travels to Missoula and to be more specific the service itself. At the service, a Saxophone quartet performed one of my long-time favorite pieces by David: “Peace”. I was almost immediately brought to tears when they started playing. For the last 4 years, David has been a mentor for me in all things music. Whether I had questions or concerns about composition or if I was just in the middle of an existential crisis, David was always there for me. I will always remember the care that he gave any music that was put in front of him. He treated music as it truly is: art.


The first movement, “July 3rd, 2017”, is an arrangement of a Bach chorale entitled “Come Sweet death” from his “69 Sacred Songs”.

The second movement, “September 3rd, 2017”, is named after the date that David and Alison’s Memorial service took place on.

The third movement, “May 7th; 2014”, is named after the date that I first reached out to David.

The fourth movement, “Moving Forward” is simply a fast-paced song about facing grief head on.


This piece marks the first collaboration between the Millennium Composers Initiative and the Zenith Saxophone Quartet. I would like to dedicate this work to the Maslanka-Mathews family and to the Zenith Saxophone Quartet.

                                                                                                                                              - Casey Thomas