The Story so Far / Symphony No. 1 for Wind Ensemble

Completed:  incomplete

Grade Level:  5

Duration:  20 min

Premiere Date:  N/A

Movements: I.   Silver Lake Goddess

                       II.  love and love lost

                       III. farewell in the afterlight

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Score and Audio Excerpts:

Program Notes: 

I. Silver Lake Goddess -

I peer across this water with desolate eyes and a defeated smile.

With one bit of faith remaining, a dim light emerges from far away.

This light shows itself to be brighter and brighter the closer I get. -

When I finally find myself within the light, I am greeted

with the sweet kiss of peace of mind and I am

hugged with alluring arms of warm delight. -

In that moment, I feel unthinkable bliss and euphoria. -

I am happy. -

But, after what feels like two seconds, the light is

seized from my heart and it dissipates into thin air. -

And within the deafening echo of the silent explosion, I am 

left in the dark with an overwhelming feeling of loss and regret.

This movement is the pursuit of very distant feelings. Roadblocks can show themselves to be forceful and bountiful. But, like in all aspects in our lives, pushing through proves to be important for reaching prosperity. Within this music, I write about many important things: my adolescence, the discovery of a deeper meaning within music, finding the people who have shaped the person I am today, and also my experiences getting through transitional periods in my life.

II. love and love lost -

“love suffers long and is kind..

It is not proud..

love bears all things, 

believes all things, 

hopes all things, 

and endures all things...

love never fails..

and now these three remain:

Faith, hope, and love..

but the greatest of these 

is love.

- Corinthians 13 / The Hymn of Love

This sentimental and patient movement epitomizes all love I have endured. In the beginning, two voices - a Soprano Saxophone and a Euphonium - sing as one. But, as this song progresses, these two voices separate and take on new meaning. And although this movement sounds romantic and floaty on the surface, there is a subtle awareness of nostalgia, regret, and more bittersweet emotion that becomes more and more evident as this movement continues. 

III. Farewell in the afterlight -

It is with a heavy heart to say goodbye to my divine beloved.

our time together was time well spent. -

I will remember your presence as calm and patient..

your voice as mellifluous and sweet..

your shared space as easy and caring..

I will not forget you soon.

but, I am alone in the casket of our love..

and I must break out. -


This movement is an outcry for peace of mind. For the better part of a decade, I have found myself seeking revelation and transcendence through my own music and through the music of others. Throughout this movement, I feel I am on the brink of cataclysm and true bliss simultaneously. This simple idea makes for a remarkable amount of chaotic music that will lead to joyous resolve. I have time behind me and I have a lot of time in front of me. And, with the conclusion of this Symphony, I feel I have ultimately obtained closure and shut the door on a difficult part of my life. 

on to the next chapter ...

                                                                                              - Program note by Casey Thomas

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